The Master Cleanse - Day 5 - Last Day

I decided today was my last day on the cleanse. I did the 5 days I set out to do, I still feel great, have a lot of energy and could easily do it for the full 10 days, but I'm actually scared that I'm loosing too much weight. I was already pretty skinny to begin with but I have lost 7 pounds in 5 days and am at 5% body fat which is pretty close to unhealthy. I think if I keep going I will waste away to nothing! Plus the lack of protein really concerns me since I exercise so much.

As far as how my day went, it was pretty much par for the course. The tea woke me up in the middle of the night with cramps. I did the salt water flush this morning after riding my bike into the city to train 2 clients and had at least 10 eliminations again. I might not be 100% clean but I think I flushed out a good amount of waste and toxins.

It was an awesome experience though. I really did it for the detox and the mental/physical challenge. It was good to find out that I could actually do it and suffer no ill effects. I found out that I am not addicted to caffeine and processed sugar like I thought I was. It was very simple to just drop them cold turkey. The cleanse also made me realize just how little we as humans need to survive. Society has taught us that overindulgence is normal. I will continue to watch what I put in my body and maintain my cleanliness.

Now for the ease out. It can be very harmful to start consuming solid food immediately so it is recommended to start with orange juice for a day and then soup the next. Then you can start introducing fruits and vegetables.

In closing, was it a good experience? Yes. Would I recommend it for others? Not if you are doing it strictly for weight loss. I think crash diets like this can cause you loose weight, but you are likely to gain it back in the long run unless you can be very disciplined with your diet. I think making gradual lifestyle changes that you can sustain are the way to go. As far as doing it for a cleanse, I don't think it can hurt if you are healthy but use you discretion and maybe even check with a doctor before jumping in. The master cleanse does what it claims!


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