Don't Have Access To A Gym?

Use the best piece of equipment on the planet that everyone has... your own body! Body weight exercises are just as good as any fancy gym equipment at getting a lean and tone body. Here is a quick body weight exercise routine that you can do anywhere in 30 minutes, so no more excuses. Enjoy!

5 Minute Cardio Warmup
10 Squats
10 Forward Lunges
10 Side Lunges (each leg)
10 Reverse Lunges
10 Jump Squats
30 sec Elbow Plank
15 sec Side Elbow Plank (each side)
20 Toe Tap Elbow Planks
30 sec Superman
10 Sea Turtles (jumping jack laying on the floor)
30 sec Hand Plank
10 Push Ups with Hands Wide (can be done on toes or knees)
10 Push Ups with Hands Close to Sides (can be done on toes or knees)
5 Minutes of Stretching (full body)

If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do some of these exercises, please feel free to contact us.


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