Eating Disorders

I received some really good and important information on athletes and eating disorders, but it can apply to anyone. Coming off of the Master Cleanse is the perfect time to bring up the issue of eating disorders since I know first had how quickly the body can lose weight to dangerous levels when you deny your body the nutrition it needs. It is often a subject that doesn't get the discussion it deserves.

The National Eating Disorders Association ( has created an education toolkit to educate and raise awareness of eating disorders to support their "It's Time To Talk About It" campaign. It discusses the facts behind eating disorders as well as how to recognize the symptoms, early prevention, intervention, and treatment. It isn't always easy to approach someone with an eating disorder and this toolkit gives great tips on how to approach and deal with the situation.

With society's constant pressure to be thin, this is an excellent resource that can save lives, maybe even your own. Check it out here...


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