The Master Cleanse - Day 3

I'm still hanging in there. I actually feel pretty normal. No pains, no hunger pangs, nothing. I trained my clients and rode my bike into the city with no problems at all. My energy level might be slightly lower, but not much. I still think about food and I miss the idea of physically eating something, but I don't really feel hungry. I get a slight rumble in my stomach when I exercise which goes away quickly, but otherwise I'm good. The laxative tea worked pretty well for me this morning. I eliminated solid waste before I did the salt water flush. But that was the only solid waste of the day, the rest of my eliminations were only yellow liquid. From what I understand the yellow is bile from the liver. I added a little more salt to the flush today and boy did it work. I went to the bathroom at least 10 times in 4 hours! I don't really like the idea of consuming so much salt (even though the salt supposedly just passes through you) so I think I will cut back to every other day and do the laxative tea in the morning and at night on the days I don't do the flush. Day 4 tomorrow, almost half way there (if I decide to do the whole 10 days).


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