The Master Cleanse - Day 4

Before bed last night I drank the laxative tea (as usual) and got woken up by a crazy rumbling in my stomach at around 3am. I'm finding that the laxative tea gives me stomach cramps. I went to the bathroom and had an elimination, and then again when I woke up for the day. I skipped the salt water flush and just drank the tea again. The tea really kicked in and I am starting to eliminate more solids. I had about 5 eliminations throughout the day. The eliminations aren't completely solid but more loose and watery. I did feel a little weak this morning but my energy returned a bit after I drank the lemonade with a tiny bit more maple syrup. The syrup has a high sugar content (2 tablespoons has 100 calories and 26.5 grams of sugar) but a shot of it seems to be a pretty good energy boost. Around 4pm I was feeling a little lethargic but had to train a client and then rode my bike into the city to train another client. After I started working out with my clients I started feeling better and got more and more energy. The bike ride home was a breeze.

So tomorrow is day 5. I set out to only do 5 days and am debating weather I should keep going. I feel like I can but I am really starting to miss the sensation of eating food and the lemonade is getting really boring. But I still don't feel hungry or ill. I am a little concerned about the lack of protein since I'm still working out quite a bit. Maybe I will just keep it up through the weekend and stop after 7 days.


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