The Master Cleanse - Day 2

So far so good. Last night before bed I drank the laxative tea, which seemed to have no effect by morning. When I woke up I drank the salt water flush and went for a short jog. By the time I got back home my stomach started to rumble a bit. *Warning, this gets a little bit graphic. About 15 minutes later I had my first elimination. A bit of solid waste came out the first time, but subsequent eliminations were mostly liquid. I wound up having to go to the bathroom about 5 times over a 2 hour period.

At this point I still feel perfectly normal. No aches or pains and my energy is pretty good. I am really surprised I am not having any caffeine withdrawals. Every once in a while I think about food but I don't feel hungry at all. The lemonade actually makes me feel full after I chug it down. A little trick I started doing is to down just the lemon juice, cayenne, and maple syrup in one gulp and chase it with the water. I found it much easier this way than having to drink the whole concoction. We shall see what happens tomorrow!


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