12 Misconceptions About Fitness Trainers

Here is some great insight into the world of a personal trainer courtesy of rateyourburn.  There is more to a career in fitness than meets the eye, but the bottom line is all good trainers do it for the love and a genuine passion for helping their clients look and feel their best.

1) They're the exact same person in and out of the classroom.
2) When they're not teaching, they're just chilling out.
3) They care about your...
4) They're single.
5) They're wearing pricey workout clothes, so they must be making good money.
6) They must remember you from a class you took a month ago.
7) The instructor is the strongest person in the room.
8) They would judge you if they knew what you ate/drank last night.
9) Waking up at 5am "comes naturally" to them.
10) This is just a hobby, right?
11) They're probably too cool to want to know you outside of the classroom.
12) They're so awesome/popular that it probably won't mean anything to them to get one more positive review.

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